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Hanna Burchell Teaching

My interest in singing and playing has been a lifelong passion since early teens. I am an experienced teacher of 20 years and work with all ages from 6 years onwards, from complete beginners to seasoned players including learning difficulties. I am a patient and understanding teacher and use my skills in primary and secondary schools, workshops and private online lessons. I also work as a community musician in many different settings , teaching choirs in adult education , singing with dementia and vulnerable adults in care. 

All lessons offered are £10 for half hour.

Explore your vocal potential, gain confidence and control and develop the ability to sing in any style with creative and enjoyable lessons.

We would work with useful techniques, such as breathwork, toning, vocal exercises rhythm and song, harmony, improvisation, to open up your voice, and most importantly feel comfortable to express yourself and to become a more competent singer. I also use a instrument called a shruti which creates a harmony back drop sound to sing along to, that is very helpful for self expression.

The acoustic guitar was my first instrument and has been a wonderful medium for musical inspiration, as a song writing tool, and accompaniment with other musicians. Also, I have spent endless hours using it as a way to relax.

I teach using tablature and/or sight reading, chord structures, and work with all styles, we can also learn though playing your favourite songs. All lessons are taylored for individual needs.

We can also delve into the realm of song writing, which has been a passion of mine since I can remember.

The Uke is for all ages, and a great beginners instrument, and not expensive to buy. There are three types of which the most common is the soprano which you see most children play. The others are the tenor and baritone but they all have the same tuning.

It is a very adaptable instrument and once you’ve mastered the basics you can apply the instrument to most songs, I have a wide repetoire, old modern and anything in between. I can teach you to become confident with your instrument and develop your own style.

I was introduced to playing the mandolin whilst I was performing in one of my bands many years ago, and it was a pleasure to learn, I loved its bright and lifting resonant sound and it continues to be an instrument I perform regularly, in bands or individually. It can be used as a traditional instrument or as in my case in alternative bands. I can teach both traditional and alternative and its also a great accompaniment to the guitar.

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